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By Premixedpie - Feb 27th 11
Updates Feb 27th
  • Removed categories from titles since they can't be gathered efficiently.
  • Updated some browse pages with better filter options.
  • Fixed a bug with comments on enchants.
  • Improved the wording on info for item enhancing, making it easier to understand.
  • Added max durability stat to the enhance levels tabs.
  • Added the Fomorian Base stage to battle listings.
  • Added a couple more filters to the browse battles page.
By Premixedpie - Feb 19th 11
Updates Feb 19th
  • Added enchant scrolls to the database.
  • Added a couple filters to the enchant scrolls browse page.
  • Updated skill calculator with new skills.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing IE to give a script error.
  • Fixed a bug with set listings in search results not showing the set parts for some sets.
  • Fixed a bug with some single rank skills not showing in the database.
By Premixedpie - Feb 16th 11
Updates Feb 16th
  • Updated to patch 1.20.
  • Plains Entrance and Ruins of Sanctity are now grouped together as just Ruins of Sanctity.
By Premixedpie - Feb 11th 11
Updates Feb 11th
  • Updated battle pages with tabs and new extra information section.
  • Zone filter now properly saves on the browse monster page.
  • Fixed some bugs with monster tooltips in IE and Chrome.
  • Fixed a bug with price data table failing to load some prices.
  • Changed Intellect to Intelligence to match in-game.
  • Tooltips for fansites now default to mouse tracking and have a background for transparent icons.
  • Titles now support a released filter.
  • Searches for 3 letter words now return results.
By Premixedpie - Feb 3rd 11
Updates Feb 3rd
  • Updated to patch 1.18.
  • Added new "Price Data" tab to items that can be found on the marketplace that displays pricing history of items over the last 30 days.
  • Added new report functionality to comments allowing all users to report comments when they contain undesirable content.
  • Added in support for banning user accounts when necessary.
  • Logging in or out will now take you to the last page you were on, rather then to the homepage.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the quest rewards title in the extra information box to not show on some quests.
  • Fixed a bug that wasn't correctly registering users last active time.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing links to battles on set pages to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug on battle pages that had monsters linking to incorrect pages.