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By Premixedpie - Jan 26th 11
Updates Jan 26th
  • Added missing monsters to the database.
  • Added support to edit monsters, more options coming soon.
  • Added tooltip support to monsters.
  • Updated all monsters in the database to the new format.
  • Performance and quality improvements to searches and search suggestions.
  • Fixed a problem with search suggestions not showing all matches due to caching mistakes.
By Premixedpie - Jan 19th 11
Updates Jan 19th
  • Updated the database with the new information available in patch 1.17.
  • Updated recipe pages to include simplified and complete crafting breakdowns like set pages.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the updated items page to show the normal browse items page.
  • Fixed avatar selection on profile page not finding icons.
  • Fixed sets with no items from displaying.
  • Many bug fixes that started with the server move have been fixed, everything should be back to fully functional.
By Premixedpie - Jan 13th 11
Updates Jan 13th
  • Added quests to the database.
  • Added a new "Reward From" tab to items and titles that show all quests that reward that item or title.
  • Added a new "Objective Of" tab to items that show all quests the item is used in.
  • Added a new "Quests" tab to character pages that show all quests for that specific character.
  • Added a new "Known Colors" tab to item pages that displays a list of dye color combinations that we have seen in-game. In most cases this is not a complete list of all possible colors but instead a list of verified combinations. Over 23,000 color combinations are already in the database.
  • Added information on when a title is discovered to title pages if it is found by being discovered.
  • Updated search suggestions to include icons for titles, recipes and monsters to help differentiate them from one another.
  • Updated tooltip links to now support items with an enhance level applied to the them. You can see this in affect on the "Enhancement Levels" tab on item pages.
  • Updated default comments per page to 10.
  • Updated the enhance levels formula, it should now correctly handle weight changes for all items.
  • Update the browse recipe pages, adding filters and colored links. Also updated recipe tables to be more consistent across the site.
  • Many styling improvements, including a fluid layout for those with wide-screen monitors.
  • Fixed a bug with comments not paging if there was only 1 comment on the next page.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some battles to not display all the recipes they unlock.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing search suggestions to sometimes stop showing suggestions after the first match.
  • Fixed a bug with the weight stat on enhancement levels displaying the base weight if the weight did not change for that enhance level.
Damage calculator updates, thanks to Vindicter.
  • Added Weapon Damage (Balance).
  • Added Weapon Enhancement selection for +6 through +15 enhancement.
  • Fixed Critical Hit ranks D-6.
  • Fixed Critical Hit affecting magical attacks.
  • Fixed Magic Critical Hits ranks D-A.
  • Fixed Magic Critical Hits not working.
  • Fixed Ivy Sweep Rank F.
  • Removed Shield Bash selection from Fiona. Shield Bash's damage is not affected by it's mastery.
  • Added Eagle Talon ranks 8-6.
  • Added Firebolt ranks 9-6.
  • Added Magic Arrow ranks 8-6.
  • Added Butterfly Swing ranks 9-6.
  • Added Stigma Hammer ranks 9-6.
  • Added Amaranth Kick ranks 9-6.
  • Added Gliding Fury ranks 8-6.
  • Added Lightning Fury ranks 9-6.
  • Renamed "Gravity Inversion" to "Reverse Gravity".
  • Sorted enemy targets in alphabetical order.