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By Premixedpie - Nov 29th 10
Updates Nov 29th
  • Added skill icons to search suggestions drop down.
  • Fixed down ranking not properly updating on the skill calculator.
  • Fixed improper calculations with required level when down ranking skills, it should now always take the level from any skill that has points in it with the highest required level.
  • You can no longer down rank a skill if you have points in a skill that requires the rank of the skill you are trying to down rank on the skill calculator.
By Premixedpie - Nov 27th 10
Updates Nov 27th
  • Added health, attack and defense to monster pages. Most values are rounded and not exact.
  • Added all the monsters in the database to the damage calculator.
  • Added 2 versions to the skill calculator, live and development. Live shows only skills available in game now and development shows all skills in the database.
  • Added SP: Slashing High to Fiona's skill calculator.
  • Skills have been updated and now support additional character requirement options.
  • Skill tables are now ordered on required level by default.
  • Damage calculator now properly sorts the damage column.
  • Some styling improvements on the damage calculator.
By Premixedpie - Nov 26th 10
Update Nov 26th
  • Added necklace and belt sub categories.
  • Added Accessories item type.
  • Added newest comments to database tools.
  • Added items sets to character pages.
  • Added an information tab to skills for things like formulas or calculations. It is editable like every other field and supports BBCode like comments.
  • Added options to set a title for a specific character on the add title page.
  • Item set pages now display when the set unlocks if all the pieces unlock after the same battle.
  • Back-end login improvements.
  • Added gravity inversion to Evie's damage calculator.
  • Added links to skill pages on the damage calculator.
  • Changed the color of the "magical" attack type to make it easier to read.
  • Fixed the damage calculations table from paging.
By Premixedpie - Nov 22nd 10
Updates Nov 22nd
  • Added a damage calculator. Check it out in the tools menu!
  • Fixed a problem with the favicon disappearing on some browsers.
By Premixedpie - Nov 21st 10
Updates Nov 21st
  • Added 22 monsters (that isn't all of them) from the next update complete with drop tables.
  • Added filters to the browse set page.
  • Added a required level to tables that display sets.
  • Added missing Blood Lord set.
  • Added 2 more staffs.
  • Changed "Dualsword" to "Twin Swords".
  • Links to set pages are now colored by the quality of the items in the set if all items are the same quality.
  • Set pages now display required class and minimum/maximum required level.
  • Set pages now display which characters are required to use the set if it has restrictions.
  • Fixed the zone filter on the monsters browse page.
By Premixedpie - Nov 20th 10
Updates Nov 20th
  • Added the first large shield to the database.
  • Added 2 new sets, 4 weapons, 1 large shield and a couple misc items for the upcomming level 44 cap.
  • Added large shield mastery as an item requirement.
  • Rearranged the ordering of the rank selection drop downs to go from lowest to highest as intended.
  • Removed crafting break down on set pages if none of the items in the set are crafted.
By Premixedpie - Nov 19th 10
Updates Nov 19th
  • Added experimental table state saving. All tables now keep filters, paging and sorting information when going back or forward using your browser. If you notice any anomalies please contact us!
  • Items marked as non-enchantable no longer show enhancement levels.
  • Slightly reduced the delay on tooltip displays and removed loading box.
  • Fixed a bug with titles breaking styling on user profile pages.
  • Fixed a bug with comments breaking Javascript in older IE browsers.
By Premixedpie - Nov 18th 10
Updates Nov 18th
  • Added filters to title page.
  • Added support to mark items as unreleased. Any items marked as unreleased may be inaccurate/incomplete.
  • Added 110+ unreleased items complete with recipes including recipes for some unreleased items already in the database.
  • Added 7 new sets.
  • Updated the skill Stamina Mastery with the correct values and added Strength Mastery to the database.
  • Fixed enhancement levels breaking the page on items without a weight field.
By Premixedpie - Nov 16th 10
Updates Nov 16th
  • Added new columns to weapon and armor tables when browsing.
  • Added first version of the skill calculator for all characters. Additional features in the works, if you have any suggestions please let us know!
  • Added a total row to title tables.
  • Fixed a bug with the fansite tooltips that was causing some items to not properly cache.
  • Fixed skill tooltips with ranks not showing the correct required level.
By Premixedpie - Nov 14th 10
Updates Nov 14th
  • Added character pages, providing information on character specific data found on the site.
  • Added tooltips for titles.
  • Added character requirement options to titles, currently none are filled out so if you know any feel free to help!
  • Updated the database menu compressing items into a separate category now that the list is getting long.
  • Fixed some errors with tooltips when multiple ranks were being displayed on the same page.
  • Fixed Spell Books not showing up when filtering by category.
  • Fixed ranks not showing up on some skills.
By Premixedpie - Nov 12th 10
Updates Nov 12th
  • Added new tooltips feature for other fansites to use item and skill tooltips from our database. Check it out here!
  • Added newest screenshots to Database Tools.
  • Added option for obtained from fishing.
  • Changed "Skillbook" category to "Skill Book".
  • Fixed special characters being escaped twice in comments.
By Premixedpie - Nov 10th 10
Updates Nov 10th
  • Added missing enhancement stone for higher level item enhancements.
  • Added new enhancement function. Adds support for shields, scythes and other items missing enhancement levels. Weight calculations may be off by 1 due to unknown rounding problems, hopefully I can work it out over time.
  • Updated color of quality level 4 to closer reflect the color used in game.
  • Updated enhance tip which gives more accurate details on what actually happens when enhancing.
  • Updated several item descriptions that got cut off.
  • Enhancement levels should now properly handle weight on cloth armor.
By Premixedpie - Nov 8th 10
Updates Nov 8th
  • Added skills with full cross site support. Ability to add missing skills coming soon. Descriptions and usage directions are missing for most but I plan to work on adding them in over the next few days. Anyone can also help by editing the skill and entering any information available.
  • Added tooltips for skills.
  • Added new "Teaches" tab to items that teach a skill (Skill Books).
  • Fixed some more problems with line breaks in tooltips.
By Premixedpie - Nov 6th 10
Updates Nov 6th
  • Added forgot password function to login page for people who lost or forgot their password.
  • Added highlight to items with highest stat value in set tables.
  • Added new column on set pages that displays total stats with full set bonus applied.
  • Added item types to extra info on set pages.
  • Added 2 crafting breakdowns on set pages. Simplified shows the primary recipes and totals. Complete shows the entire reagent list for all items involved in the crafting process.
  • Added submitted titles to profile pages.
  • Fixed screenshot formatting errors on set pages.
  • Fixed new lines not being properly handled in comments.
  • Fixed an error when trying to add titles to the database.
  • Fixed a bug with screenshots of monsters not showing up on profile pages.
  • Removed "Complete" set bonus from sets since they are not cumulative.
By Premixedpie - Nov 4th 10
Updates Nov 4th
  • Added Monsters to the database complete with loot tables, individual pages, browse support with filters and search options.
  • Added new "Drops From" tab to items, displaying which monster are know to drop an item.
  • Added some missing enhance levels for newest items where available.
  • Improved how search suggestions handle sorting, making it easier to find items when using multiple terms.
  • Fixed total result count on search page.
  • Fixed sorting errors with the title table.
By Premixedpie - Nov 3rd 10
Updates Nov 3rd
  • Updated set bonuses, completing most and correcting some inaccuracies.
  • Fixed a bug with search suggestions not sorting by most relevant.
  • Added some missing recipes.
  • 15+ new items, thanks again to people that contributed them!
  • Changed "Material Sub" to "Secondary Material".
  • Changed "Mana Sign" to "Remnant".
  • Changed "Mana Erg" to "Erg Crystal".
  • Changed "Trophy" to "Loot".
  • Changed "Keyitem" to "Quest".
  • Changed "Sub Weapon" to "Secondary Weapon".
  • Changed "Goods" to "Consumables".