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By Premixedpie - Oct 30th 10
Updates Oct 30th
  • Crafted By tab on item pages now displays gold cost and after which battle the item unlocks if available.
  • Profile pages now show items that you have submitted to the database and whether they have been added yet or not.
  • Added 30+ new items, thanks to those that contributed!
  • Added support for cash shop slots.
  • Added Firebolt and Magic Arrow to required ranks field under skills.
  • Fixed another caching error in the tooltips script that was causing some problems.
  • Fixed tooltips not correctly handling new lines.
By Premixedpie - Oct 28th 10
Updates Oct 29th
  • Added enhancement levels to item pages.
  • Added 10ish new items, thanks to those that submitted them!
  • Improved search box suggestion results by allowing the "-" modifier to removed items from the suggestions.
  • Simplified how required classes are displayed on tooltips when the item is equipable by more then one class.
  • Removed "For Class" from set pages since many sets work with any class.
By Premixedpie - Oct 27th 10
Updates Oct 27th
  • Fixed a bug with editing stack size.
  • Using commas in numerical fields when adding or editing items now get correctly saved.
  • Added 1 new item set and 14 items.
  • Magic attack rating now correctly displays on tooltips.
By Premixedpie - Oct 18th 10
I am going to be out of town for the next few days and won't be able to work on the site so there aren't going to be any new updates till I return.
By Premixedpie - Oct 17th 10
Updates Oct 17th
  • Updated profile pages, allowing you edit additional information and view other contributions to the site.
  • Recipe pages now display which battle they unlock from if available.
  • Added support for waist (belts) slot.
By Premixedpie - Oct 16th 10
Updates Oct 16th
  • Recipes can now display in search results.
  • Added over 45 new items with recipes including 5 spears.
  • Added Twin Spear Mastery.
  • Added new updated items page displaying the last 200 updated items.
  • Added 4 new sets.
  • Cost of recipes reagents is now properly multiplied if the initial recipe requires more then one of the reagent.
  • Search now supports the "-" modifier to help filter better results. If you searched for "crimson" you could de-value the items with blade in the name by searching for "crimson -blade". They will still show up but they will be the last results.
  • Fixed some recipes trying to use themselves as a reagent and bugging out the page.
  • Added support for Spell Books.
  • Improved icon search for adding new items or editing existing ones.
  • Added support for unique items.
By Premixedpie - Oct 15th 10
Updates Oct 15th
  • Some items that are crafted with recipes weren't showing the reagents, this has been fixed
  • Over a 150 new items from open beta added
  • Over 250 items updated with new information
  • Over 30 new recipes
  • 7 new item sets
  • Updated noscript warning
  • Added cloth armor to the database
  • Fixed an error with some tooltips taking to long to load due to cache problems
  • Some styling errors on recipe pages have been fixed
By Premixedpie - Oct 14th 10
Updates Oct 14th
Few small updates today.
  • Added newest items page
  • Changed Lances to Spear
  • Removed ugly white corners from the small search icons
  • Some styling improvements for older browsers
By Premixedpie - Oct 11th 10
Site Launched
Initial site launched today for bug fixing and testing.