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By Premixedpie - Nov 6th 13
Latest Updates
  • Added Hurk and related items.
  • Added town speed stat.
  • Added the ability to clone an item to the item comparison tool. Still in early stages, please report any bugs.
  • Added duration and Vella filter to set browse page.
  • Added ability to set default listings per page for tables to account profiles.
  • Added advance filters to enchant browse page, allowing better filtering to find an enchant scroll.
  • Updated battle information with time limits, levels, additional missions, and required unlock items.
  • Updated how info for what battle a recipe unlocks after and who crafts it is gathered, improving accuracy.
  • Updated tables with more filtering and sorting options.
  • Fixed bugs with quality stats.
  • Fixed misc. bugs with item comparison tool.
  • Fixed PVP Def, attack and magic attack not correctly being applied by enchant scrolls on the item comparison tool.
  • Fixed NA sets including items not available in the NA version.