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By Premixedpie - May 6th 14
Site Updates May 6th
  • Added battle glaives to the database.
  • Added Lynn to the database.
  • Added incomplete item data flag for partial/early data we get.
  • Added new "Has incomplete data" advanced filter to item list page.
  • Added skills tab to pet pages.
  • Added NPCs to the database with quests started, items sold and items crafted tabs.
  • Added sold by tab to item pages.
  • Added not equal to options on advanced filters for values.
  • Improved monster/NPC data handling, see below.
  • Updated skill character requirements in tables to be more consistent throughout the site.
  • Updated how pet skills are handled, they now follow the same ranking format as normal skills.
  • Fixed missing class requirements in many areas of the site.
  • Fixed set ordering throughout the site to help maintain consistency. All sets now follow a predefined ordering.
  • Fixed item types with no stats from displaying in compare search results.
  • Fixed duplicate enchant scrolls on listing page.
  • Fixed enchant table headers not being sortable.
  • Fixed broken enchant scroll and pet skill icons in search drop down.
  • Fixed imperial guard Soft/Light/Hard item mismatch.
  • Fixed monster loot table item tooltips showing wrong qualities/scrolls when multiple items with enchants drop from the same monster.
  • Fixed a bug with missing string data, as a result many missing skill/items and other data have been added to the database.
  • Fixed enchant scroll list page filters would sometimes not apply correctly.
  • Fixed right clicking on the skill calculator not properly updating the tooltips.
  • Fixed chain blades not listing stats in list table.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some pages to not fully load.
Several changes have been applied to how we handle monster data. All monster list tables now group by name to avoid duplicates. Now each monster page has a tab listing all variations of that monster. Now you can search by name and find a single page with all the information on that class of monster.