Boss Brawl

Extra Information
Unlocks at Level:
Quest Giver:
Royal Army Recruit
Quest Reward:
Boss Brawl
Ask the [Royal Army Recruit] about Boss Brawls.
Talk to the Royal Army Recruit.
Boss Brawl
Obtain 1 [Combat Seal] from Boss Brawls and take it to the [Royal Army Recruit].
Part 1
  Oh, hello.
  There you are! Lovely. I've been told to explain the rules of Boss Brawl to you. Boss Brawl is a mode of PvP in which you join forces with a Fomorian boss.
  The first team to defeat the opposing team's boss wins the brawl. Not to worry, these Fomorian bosses have been trained not to attack their own teammates. Now, the winning team will be rewarded with Combat Seals. Individuals who perform well may be given extra. Members of the losing team will only get one Combat Seal each, as a consolation prize. To encourage you to participate, if you bring me one Combat Seal as proof, I'll give you 5 back.
Part 2
  And you've returned. Do you have the Combat Seal?
  Very good. Did you enjoy the Boss Brawl? Take a look at the items you can purchase before you answer. Remember, with these Combat Seals, you can purchase a variety of items. Well, I'll be here if you need me.
  If you bring me one Combat Seal to prove you've fought in a Boss Brawl, I'll give you 5 in return.
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