Here at VindictusDB we care about free speech. We prioritise sharing free information. This informative site has a main purpose of sharing news and reviews about PC and mobile games. One of the most popular types of mobile games today is freemium games. This means that activists who want to play a game can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play. So it doesn’t charge for starting with the game. However, in-game resources become extremely important in such games to succeed which can be bought for real money. This is the income source for game developers and it has proven to be a very effective business model. It’s kind of logical in physical sense, too you know. If you’re already in the game and want to achieve more and more, and then bam, you get limited along the way. The passion to succeed in the game and win others is already so high that players are good to give real money for perks.

This has lead to activists making game hacks and sharing cheats to bypass the payment process and get game currency for free. While this is all relatively new thing on mobiles, it has been here already for a decade on PCs. PC game cheats have been a common thing for years already. And it seems though developers try to block these kind of cheats, they can’t often do that due to technical aspects. This is what VindictusDB is about. We bring all kinds of tips and tutorials about game hacks to our readers.