The original author of this tool no longer maintains it and its calculations may now be incorrect. If you found this a useful tool send us an email letting us know and we may work on updating and maintaining it into the future.

Vindictus Damage Calculator

The Vindictus Damage Calculator is used to help you find out how much damage you deal and what stats you can improve to maximize your damage output. Simply click on a weapon in the "Character+Weapon" column and enter your stats, the defense of your target (found on monster tooltips in the database), and hit calculate. Your results will show up at the bottom of the page. All credits go to Frank Rice (Vindicter - East) for programming and the Mabinogi Heroes Research Guild for research values.

Character+Weapon Evie Scythe

Target Defense:


Weapon Damage (Balance):

Weapon Enhancement:



Critical Hit:


Magic Critical Hits:

Physical Attack:

Magical Attack:

Combat Mastery:

Smash Mastery:

Eagle Talon:

Mark of Death:

Bloody Thread:

Life Drain:

SP: Reverse Gravity: