Recipes for Success

The Vindictus Crafting Calculator is a spreadsheet on Google Docs made by Demena. Crafting in Vindictus is a costly operation, both in time and gold. However it can also be quite lucrative. Between the gear that is produced and the prospective profit from selling said gear it is well worth considering crafting as a sideline activity between quests.

The Vindictus Crafting Calculator is an automated spreadsheet that will help you determine what materials you need to craft an item and whether you should buy them from the market or farm them. The following text is an operations manual of sorts for the calculator. It does not cover the topic of obtaining the ingredients and assumes that the reader knows the basic methodologies of crafting and marketplace trading. It is also assumed that the reader is able to reference the in-game marketplace functions while using the calculator. This can be accomplished by switching to windowed mode, using a dual head configuration, having access to a secondary machine equiped with a modern browser as in the author's case, or any other way imaginable including transmitting the required information via can-phone from the neighbor's house.

Credit where due, all of the data automatically populated into this calculator comes from Vindictus DB. Now, bookmark the spreadsheet and go acquire a recipe. Ideally a nice fancy new set of recipes. ... Got it? Excellent.


Some caveats before we start. The spreadsheet makes no accounting for variability in marketplace prices (because that would be impossible with the data currently available). So when the marketplace prices are filled in the user is on his own cognizance that the quality of his estimations directly impacts the quality of his results. In other words, if there's 1 cloth at market for 50 gold and the other 39 that you need are priced at 500 then you'd better estimate a cost of 500 to account for the majority of the purchase price. If you put down 50 and it ends up costing more than the calculator reads then GIGO.

Basic Usage

Step 1

The first thing to do is to type the item's name in the appropriate input box, highlighted at the top of the sheet. It must be spelled exactly as it is ingame but capitalization is optional. If your item isn't found please verify your spelling and punctuation, apostrophes must be included.

Step 2

Once the item is entered and identified, the recipe will fill in and several fields will highlight red.

Step 3

Now run yourself to the marketplace and start searching. Fill in the item prices in those red fields as you find them and the sheet will update the total cost as appropriate.

Step 4

Now that you have everything filled out you have a good estimate of what it would cost you to buy everything out of the market. However there's a high likelihood that you already have several of the required materials, right? Good, find out how many of each you have and fill in the appropriate column as demonstrated.

Step 5

Now that everything is filled in, you have a nice single number that should give you an estimate of how much it will cost to craft the item. You can also utilize the subtotal column to get an idea of what items you should farm for to most effectively reduce the cost of crafting the item.

Additional Information

Spreadsheet Version History

Original version of the calculator, now defunct an unmaintained
  • 1.0: Initial release

Update Roadmap

Roughly in order of proposed implementation:
  1. Fix the implementation of the 'Complete' mode. Currently it's pretty useless.
  2. Integrate market prices from VDB automatically into the sheet (with optional user override of course)
  3. Implement Expertise crafting calculations
  4. Implement Full Set calculations
  5. Implement Full Set calculations for Expertise crafting


IGN: Demena [Ludus Magnus] [East]