Extra Info
Bruiser, Melee DPS
Character Specific Items:
Unarmed, Pillars, Cestus
Karok is a melee bruiser, his primary weapon when he starts out is an enormous pillar that he swings around and smashes enemies with. He also uses his fists for a number of grabs, parry and blocks. He will be about to wear the heaviest armor from level one.

The upside of Karok's huge size is the enormous amount of damage he can cause. Even basic attacks can send regular enemies flying across the battlefield. He's also the only character with a Parry skill that can actually block a boss' attack! Whether bare-handed or armed with weapons, Karok is an amazing character to play solo and can offer lots of damage potential or shielding during raids.

Of course, Karok has his challenges as well. Players should not expect him to dominate the game - he will still need help from Lann, Evie and Fiona! First, he's quite a bit slower than other characters. He also has no AOE attacks. That means he may have issues with quick moving creatures or multiple weak enemies (think: spiders!). If you're playing with a Karok, your best bet is to keep the trash off him while he focuses on the biggest thing in the area. If you're playing as a Karok, look for the biggest thing around and smash it first. Then smash everything else!
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    Light Melca Mail Set
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    Yay yay yay
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    Karok in Elite Commander
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    **Karok Dark Knight**
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    full black hammer/ black hammer battle pillar
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    2 piece swift, 3 piece black hammer, dream follower
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    Amenra @east
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    Amenra @ east
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    Karok in Black Scar set
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